There isn't very much to say about requests but,

please keep in mind that, REQUESTS ARE NOT

ALWAYS OPEN!!! I cannot find a way to stress that enough!

How will you know when they are open? Well you can:

A) ASK ME! I love questions!! Please just ask! I really don't mind!

B) Click the 'Contact' tab at the top of the page and find a way to contact me to ASK ME ^ *ahem*


C) You can keep up to date on my DeviantArt account, which you can find the user name and link to my page in the 'Contact' tab! There ((if you are familiar with DeviantArt)) If I have them open, it will say so in my journal. So if you care just keep checking!

Tenrai--- character info.mp3

Art Trades 

Okay! So just so we all have this clear, art trades ARE NOT always open!!

I open up art trades around holidays, for example, valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.! And I occasionally open them if I can't think of anything better to do or if I'm feeling generous :P

Anyways the way I do my art trades are very simple.

All you have to do is contact me saying you would like an art trade.
you can contact me by:
A) leaving a comment

B) sending a private message to me here on theOtaku, OR sending me a note on deviant art *Deviant Account: Okitaru369*

emailing me at

THEN, once I confirm the art trade I usually have my half of the trade done within a week and will send you a message when it's complete.
And well... that's that.
As I've said before, please ask if you have any further questions and they will be answered.

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